Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Miracle Monday: October 19, 1985

Monday's Miracle: My Birth!

Today was my birthday! I should be excited, but it felt just like any other day. I couldn't help but be homesick for the days of waking up to college roommates who decorated and made the day something special. It's a reality that I'm not in college anymore and I will no longer live in the dorms, but I'm finding it difficult to grasp.

I don't expect things to be different now than it currently is, and I'm not complaining! My parents were great today. They called this morning to tell me to go pick up the cake they'd ordered for me. :) I took it to the office where a staff member had made me a cake and the staff had a little party for me at our 3:00 break. My small group leaders had the kids sing happy birthday to me. But even with it all, it just didn't seem like my birthday. I think I'm just getting old.

But in any case, I thought a great first Monday Miracle would be the miracle of Life! :)

On this day, I am thinking of all those in my generation that were not allowed to live long enough for their own birthdays. What a horrible injustice! In this Pro-life Month I pray for a change of heart, an education of those that are ignorant, and for each of us to fight to end the killing of the most innocent of human life!