Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday's Saint: St. Joseph

I've officially decided that Saturday with be "Saturday's Saint" and Sunday with be "Sunday's Scripture".

So, due to the place St. Joseph has played in my life and relationship, we're going to start with him!

St. Joseph

Patron Saint of: chastity/purity, marriage, fathers, carpenters, engineers, the unborn, families, happy death, house hunters, people in doubt, protector of the Church, social justice, travellers, Universal Church, Vatican II, working people.

St. Joseph is my favorite saint for many reasons. He is a beautiful example of how to follow God's will, even when it is not what you had planned on and when things don't make sense. I cannot truly imagine the position he and his wife were in when they found out about Jesus, but I imagine it was much worse than anyone could imagine today. They beautifully followed God's lead, blindly and faithfully.

St. Joseph protected Mary and Joseph. Can you imagine having to travel such a long distance on a donkey and being 9 months pregnant?! He took care of Mary (and Jesus) and did his best to provide for them. And after all of that commotion, he blindly followed God's command to flee to Egypt at a moments notice!

The Nativity Movie gives a beautiful view of St. Joseph (though I'm not a big fan of how they portrayed Mary). It was after watching that movie that Dan and I officially decided to consecrate our relationship to St. Joseph. What is consecration? The easiest way for me to describe it is as an official declaration that we are asking Him to pray for our relationship continually. And it was through His prayers that I believe we came back together when things went ary (God knows we would not have ended up together if he didn't do something drastic!). The story is amazing, unbelievable, and beautiful! Thank you God and thank you St. Joseph for your constant prayers.

How does St. Joseph play a part in our relationship now?
1) He prays for us
2) We ask him every night to pray for us
3) We will consecrate our marriage to him next year
4) We plan to name our first boy after him
5) He's a great example for us and our soon-to-be family!

Thank you, St. Joseph, for your constant prayers, especially
when Dan and I need it the most. Thank you for your holy
example of a father and husband, and man of God.
Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for marriage!