Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Announcing my new blog: "The Newlyweds' Table"

It's been a few months since I moved into the apartment that is now also the home of my new husband! Throughout our engagement period, I was thrown a few bridal showers, and for some reason I received quite a few cookbooks! Word must have gotten out that I'm not quite a gourmet cook . . . I've actually been known to ruin mac and cheese (I didn't think that was possible either)!

Well, since I have a real kitchen for the first time in my "big kid" life, I've been making use of my tools and trying many new recipes. I think if you'd ask my new husband, he might actually say I can cook!

During one evening just before we got married, my then fiance came over for dinner. Our discussion led to the above mentioned topic, and we decided it would be great for me to start a blog about the adventures in our kitchen!

We got married just a week and a half ago, so it's time! Without further ado, I introduce to you my new blog: The Newlyweds' Table! I hope you enjoy the stories of our little kitchen in our first home! :)


Anne said...

how wonderful! congratulations!! looking forward to future posts from your table, and from your marriage :) May God bless you richly and grant you many happy years in peace, health, and happiness!