Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Beatiful Voice - Caitlin Natalia

I love my alma mater, and I'm always so proud of the beautiful musicians that come together there to make beautiful music for Our Lord. Recently, I've been listening to the music that Caitlin Natalia has recorded this far. I remember her as a little freshman when her boyfriend intoduced us. A beautiful soul and sweet woman, I had no idea until after I graduated that year that she had the voice of an angel!

I thought I'd share her gorgeous voice with the blog world, because I just can't keep this beautiful music to myself!

Check out Caitlin's iLike page!

John Rumpza is another talented musician and friend! He works with Caitlin on "Underneath the Sky".

Check out John's Facebook or Myspace page!


Angela said...

Oh I have been slack too!! Like in CONGRATULATING you on your marriage!! So happy for you! And those wedding pictures are stunning...I'm sure it was a beautiful day for you! Also took a peek at your cooking blog and that chicken tortilla pie looked super delicious! Mmmm...making a pregnant woman hungry over here! ;)