Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ideas that kept me awake tonight

I've decided to do a posting for each day of the week. Based on my "teal" tendencies (a leadership style from a high school student council camp quiz) to start things with high hopes and great intentions, but eventually become disorganized and un-dedicated, I will not entertain the illusion that this will be a daily reflection. Regardless of these inclinations, I have made a resolution to do these at least a few times a week!

All of the days have not been decided as of this point, but I feel that God has put this on my heart. So, as he tells them to me, I shall make them known to the blogging world. These are my ideas thus far . . . whether they remain as such is still to be determined.

Sunday: Sunday's Saints - discovering a saint's story (whether "S" or "s", living on earth or in heaven).
Monday: Miracle Monday - I'm not sure of this one. The idea thus far is to find a miracle on Mondays. We'll see if anything else comes up!
Tuesday: A Tune for A Tuesday - This is the day that started the idea! I LOVE lyrics and what music can do for a soul. Thus, I will post lyrics to a meaningful song on Tuesdays.
Wednesday: Wednesday's Wardrobe - Probably the least thought out one thus far. If it stays, I'll report on the clothes I've been sewing, or great modest clothing, or . . . well, I just don't know yet! :)
Thursday: Thoughtful Thursday - or - Thursday's Travels - Thursdays will either be filled with quotes, bible verses, or other thoughts for the day, or by discovering new places I have or would like to travel.
Friday: Food-filled Friday - Another less than thought through idea. Possibly doing a mini "Julie and Julia" blog. Cooking something new for Fridays.
Saturday: Saturday's Strengths and Struggles - or - Saturday Scriptures - . . . looking back on the times I have been weak or strong through the week on Saturdays or reflecting on the readings for Sunday.

Any ideas or suggestions?