Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wednesday's Wardrobe

I'm not sure how long Wednesday will stay a wardrobe day, but since I have actually made a dress recently, I thought I'd go with it! :)

I have had a great desire for new skirts and dresses lately, but since it is so difficult to find dresses that are modest, cute, and in my budget, I decided to put my sewing machine to good use. Sewing is such a theraputic and enjoyable activity for me. I always love the reaction when I say, "Thanks, I made it" when someone compliments my clothes. They are generally shocked that I even know how to sew!

So, this is the first of many dresses/skirts that I plan to make. The fabric is a satiny blue and white floral print. The pattern is fitted at the waist and has an A-line skirt. The process started off on a bumpy road. After pinning the pattern to the fabric, I began to cut. Only one piece into the process, I cut a pretty large chunk of my finger. I took care of this little problem and left the project for a day. The next evening, I got to work.

I started off making a size much larger than needed. It's not very easy to fit a pattern to yourself alone! I tried to make some alterations to make it fit, but it just wasn't working out. So, after sewing the whole dress, I had to rip out the whole thing and start all over. It took quite some time to rip out all of the seams, but thankfully the second round of sewing it went quickly. So, after quite a few hours, one bloody gash, and a few late nights later, the dress was finally finished! It is so comfortable, bright, and fun. It was definitely worth the work. :)

The next project will most likely be the black and white skirt. :)