Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Tune for a Tuesday

Being that it is Tuesday, the project begins! :)

SLEEP SONG - Rich Dittus

May your maker grant you peace
Let all your worries disappear
I pray you sleep without tears in your eyes
If you have tears let them be joyful cause your one step closer to heaven
And when you wake a new day breaks
Rejoice and sing

Hold me, Hold me Close to your heart
Hold me, Hold me Close to your heart

All your life you lived to fight to reach heaven
Battles you lost give to the cross and plead forgiveness
But don’t give up, he love you too much

I pray He holds you, holds you close to His heart

The whisper of God contains the answer
If we are quiet enough to hear
You are chosen and I love you
Do not fear
©2005 Rich Dittus

Rich is not only a wonderful singer, songwriter, and musician. He is a man with a beautiful soul and heart for Our Lord. I was blessed to spend a week long staff retreat listening to and learning from this man's example. Though he may have been well known and semi-famous to those in the room, you would not have guessed it from his actions or attitude. It is so beautiful to see a strong model of a humble, holy man of God. After purchasing his CD, this song became my "bedtime song" (another one became my morning song). Thank you, Lord, for the gift you give us through Rich.